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Download User's Manual
Title: Gamechanger Audio Plasma Rack
Manufacturer’s SKU: GCAPRA
Model: Plasma Rack
UPC: 750258555196
Manufacturer: Gamechanger Audio
Made in EU, Riga, Latvia

The PLASMA RACK is a 1U sized audio effects unit designed for professional and studio use.

A significant expansion of the unique High Voltage Distortion concept behind PLASMA Pedal, the PLASMA Rack features an extra large xenon tube that conducts audio signal at voltages of up to 5500 volts.Suitable and designed to use with guitar, bass, synthesizer and drum tracks.

Simplified Wet Signal Chain:
Input -> (EQ if on) -> Transformer to High Voltage -> Xenon Tube -> Antenna that picks up the electromagnetic vibrations surrounding the Tube -> (EQ if off) -> Blend with Clean -> Output

The expected life of the xenon tube is up to 70,000 hours of active playing. The xenon tube is a replaceable part and GCA offers full warranty in case of damage.

Specifications IO:
Unbalanced input:
Connector Tip-Sleeve ¼” Jack
Impedance 1 MΩ
Maximum input level + 11 dBu
Maximum undistorted input level 0 dBu (Gain setting at minimum)
Type Instrument input, RF filtered, true bypass to unbalanced output
Balanced input:
Connector Combo connector: Female XLR and Tip-Ring-Sleeve ¼” (Pin 2 and Tip hot)
Impedance 4.38 kΩ; 1.5 kΩ (PAD switch on)
Maximum input level +17 dBu (Clamped by protection devices)

+37 dBu (PAD switch on, clamped by protection devices)

Maximum undistorted input level +2dBu (Gain setting at minimum)

+22 dBu (PAD switch on, Gain setting at minimum)

Type Mic/Line input, RF filtered, true bypass to balanced output
Unbalanced output:
Connector Tip-Sleeve ¼” Jack
Impedance 220Ω
Maximum output level +7 dBu
Balanced output:
Connector Male XLR (Pin 2 Hot)
Impedance 200 Ω
Maximum output level + 10 dBu
FX loop send (1-3):
Connector Tip-Sleeve ¼” Jack
Impedance 100 Ω
Maximum output level +12 dBu (Line level)

-6 dBu (Instrument level)

FX loop return (1-3):
Connector Tip-Sleeve ¼” Jack
Impedance 1 MΩ
Maximum input level +14 dBu
MIDI in/out/through:
Connector 5-pin DIN (180 degree)
Type Optically isolated input, RF filtered
Expression pedal:
Connector Tip-Ring-Sleeve ¼” (Wiper tip, CCW ring, CW sleeve)
Type Designed for potentiometer-based expression pedals, RF filtered
Gain and signal levels:
Preamp gain range -26 to +12 dB
Unbalanced input recommended level for 0dB gain setting: -15 dBu
Balanced input (PAD switch off) recommended level for 0dB gain setting: -9 dBu
Balanced input (PAD switch on) recommended level for 0dB gain setting: +11 dBu
FX loop level (Line) +4 dBu at recommended input level
FX loop level (Instrument) -15 dBu at recommended input level
Volume control gain -80 to +12 dB
PAD attenuation -20 dB, applies for balanced input only
Low frequency 10 Hz, -20 to 20 dB Low-pass shelving filter
Mid frequency 600 Hz, -6 to 6 dB
High frequency 20 kHz, -10 to 10 dB, High-pass shelving filter
Type Baxandall, MIDI controllable
Rate range 0.85 to 2600 Hz
Depth control 0 – 100%, in (positive range) or out (negative range) of phase between clean and distorted signals
Gas Xenon
Discharge voltage 5.5 kV


System performance:
Frequency Response 30 Hz to 20 kHz (±3 dB)
Signal to Noise Ratio 69 dB clean channel (A weighted);

78 dB drive channel (A weighted);

Operating Temperature 0º to 40º C
Power supply:
Type Universal, switch  mode
Operating voltage 90 – 245 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 60 W
Dimensions HDW 1.75 x 10 x 19 in / 4 x 25.5 x 48.2 cm
Shipping box dimensions HDW 4 x 15 x 21.3 in / 10 x 38 x 54 cm
Weight 9 lbs / 4.1 kg
Shipping weight 13.8 lbs / 6.3 kg

The PLASMA is a revolutionary way of producing distortion by converting your instrument’s signal into a series of high-voltage plasma discharges in a sealed xenon filled tube.

The result is an incredibly sharp and sizzling overdrive that is extremely clear and responsive.  This patent-pending technology of high-voltage electric discharge also acts as a natural noise-gating device that creates strong contrasts between staccato notes, as well as eliminating all unwanted noise and pick-up hum. The PLASMA’s electric discharge tube produces beautiful visible bolts of lightning that react to the input signal, thus creating a captivating experience for all players. In essence – you are playing a bolt of electricity.

Key Features

Unique Harmonic Saturation
PLASMA pedal converts your instrument’s signal into a rapid series of electric discharges, which results in a large amount of non-linear harmonic saturation that causes extremely rich and responsive attacks, and brings out screeching sharp overtones and harmonics. These harmonic artefacts, produced as a by-product of the high voltage discharge are uncommon in traditional signal amplification, and therefore PLASMA distortion is unlike anything you have heard before.

Natural Noise Gate, Clean Gate
As soon as you stop playing the electrical discharge within the gas-filled tube is interrupted, and the pedal will not produce any output signal at all. This feature allows you to achieve extreme contrasts between individual notes, by eliminating all in-between noises created by the instrument’s pick-ups or by humming strings. This is noise gate can be set to affect the clean signal without added distortion.

Extremely Wide 3-Band EQ
The PLASMA distortion loses the original dry input signal and creates a new signal from fluctuations in the electromagnetic field surrounding the gas-discharge tube. This allows for a very wide range of frequencies. The EQ can be switched to affect only the wet sound or dry sound.

Additional Features
Input Gain control to fine-tune the Plasma Rack for any type of input signal.
Sustain Mode lets you achieve long sustained notes even at Low Voltage settings.
Oversaturate Mode overpowers the Plasma tube to achieve an Octave Up / Overtone effect.
Built-in Plasma Tremolo is a unique Tremolo and Rig Mod effect with adjustable Depth and Dynamic response.
Built-in Distortion Channel that lets you add some High-Class Op Amp dirt to you Dry Signal.
3 Effects loops are located and different parts of the signal chain and work with line and instrument levels.
Connectivity of two inputs (unbalanced and balanced with PAD), Two outputs and MIDI
Full MIDI control lets you control all parameters and values via CC Messages and Program Change Messages with 8 Preset slots.
Expression input allows you to assign an expression pedal to any parameter of the PLASMA Rack.
Default Boot-Up Settings are saveable to make the Rack gig-ready.


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