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We are starting a regular GCA Newsletter and this is the first one in the series. Let us know if you have any comments on how should we do this in the future?

Besides crunching numbers and drawing PCBs – the gear business sometimes offers truly unforgettable experiences, such as watching Keith Richards play “Satisfaction” with PLASMA Pedal in front of 60 thousand people. Or hanging out with Adam Jones and Joe Baressi, while they’re putting the finishing touches to the Fear Inoculum Album.

These moments are what reassures us and keeps us going – taking bold, original ideas in the audio field and making them a reality, so some of the world’s greatest musicians can catch new inspiration and create new music.

The GCA Sessions segment started out simply by us documenting the creativity of our friends such as Justin Johnson, Swedish Death Candy and DeWolff, and we feel that we’re onto something great!

Most recently, we’ve released a mini-documentary with Mike Kerr from Royal Blood, where he talks Bass, composing songs, how he chooses gear, and also how PLASMA Pedal has become an integral part of Royal Blood’s sound.

If you haven’t seen that interview yet, please take a few minutes to watch it here:

We’re pleased to say that the PLASMA Pedal can already be heard on the most recent releases by TOOL, Rammstein, Raconteurs, and very very soon – on the upcoming third Royal Blood album.

We will be bringing out more GC Sessions Videos soon, and there is also a very special PLASMA COIL video coming up soon.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope that you find some practical value and perhaps some inspiration from our GCA Sessions videos!

If you have any suggestions which bands or musicians we should film next – please let us know as well!

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