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Light Pedal is announced for official release at winter namm 2020 


Light Pedal is the world’s first analog Optical Spring Reverb system that uses Infra-Red optical sensors to harvest the full tembral and harmonic range of a Spring Reverb tank.


It takes a lot of energy to transfer an audio signal across the length of a vibrating spring. By the time the source audio signal reaches the spring tank’s Output Transducer, most of its nuanced harmonic content will be lost converted into mechanical energy.


This is why spring reverbs have such a particular sound, since what you end up hearing is largely the spring’s own resonant frequencies. The Light Pedal uses extremely sensitive optical pairs, placed at specific regions of the spring to detect very nuanced movements on the Spring’s surface, as Sound-waves travel through it.


This method opens up a much wider range of frequencies, harmonics, overtones and textures that are otherwise lost in the mechanical Reverberation process. Using optical sensors also opens doors to some new effects types, such as Optical Reverb Tremolo, Optical Reverb Modulation and Optical Harmonic Shimmer.


The result is a wide variety of analog reverb sounds ranging from Classic to Experimental to pure Magic.

attention dr.martens customers:

The light pedal also features an innovative shock sensor circuit that shuts off audio signal as soon as mechanical impact is detected.

simply put the shock sensor switch to “hard” and stomp it all day long with no harmful consequences.

More info coming soon 

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