Dear backers!

We hope that December will bring you lots of joy, some extra holidays (or more Gigs) and a happy Xmas.

Since the MOTOR Synth’s launch at Superbooth 2019 we have received tons of useful advice from fellow synth manufacturers, world-class musicians and also You – our community of supporters.

For the last 6 months, we have been making careful, systematic improvements on the original MOTOR Synth design, and this is the result. This particular unit is Nr. 1 of 4 final Prototypes that were assembled in November and we feel confident that we have made massive upgrades in almost all aspects of the instrument – it is a whole new level of awesome!

A large percentage of the parts orders have already been placed beforehand, but only last week our head engineers Kristaps and Martins felt fully confident to submit the final PCB layouts and some custom hardware parts for manufacturing. For this reason we have to regretfully inform everyone that the planned Manufacturing and Shipping Timeline has shifted forward. 


1) The first small batch of MOTOR Synths will be assembled between February 10th-23rd.

With this timeline the first 50 Backers will receive their MOTOR Synths by the end of February.

2) The second manufacturing run will start in March and will cover all remaining backers.

We plan to have all MOTOR Synths shipped by the first weeks of April (right before Superbooth).


We are sincerely sorry that we were not able to start shipping the first MOTOR Synths in time for Xmas.

The MOTOR Synth is an incredibly challenging project and a true labor of love – with almost 2 years spent in research and development and tweaking we GUARANTEE that the extra wait will be worth it.

Please find a detailed list of improvements below:

^Real motor FM possible at low audio frequencies

^ 3 Optical waveshapes (Saw, Square, Sine) printed on the disks’ underside

^ Amp envelope modulation frequency increased to audio range

^ Advanced arpeggiator and Sequencer (in progress)

^ Assignable poly aftertouch

^ CVs (3x analog -10V … + 10V compatible,  3x TRIG in (5V))



  1. Input through Motor Synth VCF (feature ready)
  2. Input signal envelope detection to internal CV assignable to various parameters e.g. filter cutoff frequency. (in progress, sound samples est. Jan 2020)
  3. Ring Mod (in progress, sound samples est. Jan 2020)
  4. Vocoder (in progress, sound samples est. Jan 2020)


USB MIDI device (in progress)

All parameter change via MIDI (in progress)


These improvements / modifications are the result of hundreds of hours of research, testing, experimentation and comparing different components. 

We applaud your patience, and please stay tuned for upcoming Videos and Progress updates.

A big “Thank You!!!” from GCA and …

…Keep on Rockin in the Gluten-Free World …