Hi all,

Thank you for all your support and positive energy over the years! At GCA we spend most of our time engineering new and exciting music technology, but sometimes we’ve got to play the game and send the occasional spam…

Here’s the deal:

Short Version

PLASMA Pedal and PLUS Pedal will be 20% off
NOV 28th – DEC 2nd
This is the Only Sale of the year, possibly the last one ever.

Best and Thank you!

Long Version

As we prepare for the next year, with multiple exciting releases to be announced soon, we would like to offer you a special discount for the PLUS Pedal and the PLASMA Pedal during the Black Friday Sale.


Even though we are steadily gaining power with traditional retail channels, our company was born through the internet.

Our first release – the PLUS Pedal – was brought to life by taking pre-orders on our website back in 2017.
The PLASMA Pedal was a crowdfunding success on IndieGoGo in 2018.
The MOTOR Synth also did gangbuster business on IndieGoGo in 2019 with almost 350K in pre-orders.
(release dates and more information will follow very soon)

You could say that Gamechanger Audio was born through the internet, and that is why we feel the need to participate in the web’s largest sale event. We know that you are probably being bombarded with “great deals” and all kinds of Spam, but we kindly ask you to consider getting one of the GCA pedals as your BF splurge.

The PLUS and the PLASMA pedals have been consistently recognized as some of the most innovative concepts in the effects industry – only this year alone they have been used on albums by Rammstein, Tool, Jack White, The Raconteurs, and Royal Blood.

We have been working 14-hour shifts for over three years now to bring new musical instruments to your hands, and we are loving it. Everywhere we go, such as Tokyo Pedal Summit, people are inspired and shocked by the originality and innovation behind our inventions.

If all goes well, we are preparing to bring three completely new concepts to life in the year 2020 and to keep going at that speed for as long as new ideas keep coming.

Our mission is to inject a little bit of originality and inspiration into the music industry and hopefully, to inspire other builders to go forward, instead of rehashing the same old ideas.

From November 28. to December 02. all PLUS and PLASMA Pedal purchases through our website will be available with a 20% discount – the amount of pedals is limited, so we want YOU to be the first one to know.

If you have been thinking of adding a PLUS or a PLASMA to your arsenal – now is the best time to do it.

If you have a friend who has been salivating over your PLUS or PLASMA – now is the time.

Thank you for reading this, sorry for the spam –

To order now, just go to our shop:

Best Wishes from the Gamechanger Audio team and:
– Keep on Rockin’ in the Gluten-Free World –

PS If you are after our latest release, the PLASMA Coil, it will not be on sale since the stock is awfully limited.

Faithfully yours,

& GCA team