Plasma Eurorack Module

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Your order includes:
• The world’s heaviest sound, the Plasma Distortion
• User’s manual
• All taxes when ordering a single Plasma Pedal in the US
• EU orders will be charged an additional VAT rate unless there is a valid EU-VAT number
• Two year warranty
• 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
• Power supply is included. It is powered via a conventional eurorack PSU ribbon cable of ±12VDC, 300 mA (positive rail 200 mA, negative rail 100 mA)


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This product is cooperation between Gamechanger Audio and Erica Synths.

Please note that there might be local duties/customs/local taxes applicable on the shipment to your country and you will be responsible for payment (if any).
Customs duties are not applicable to US and EU customers. We are shipping from within the European Union, Riga, Latvia.

User’s manual

Main specs
Audio input level:  up to 20V ptp
EQ low freq boost/cut: ±9dB, 600Hz corner freq.
EQ hi freq boost/cut: ±10dB, 1.5kHz corner freq.
CV input level: -10V – +10V
Panel width: 16HP
Module depth: 45 mm
Peak power requirement: 200mA@+12V, 100mA@-12V


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