Greetings, Folks!

We are happy to announce that almost all of the parts necessary for the PLASMA Pedal have arrived! The first commercial batch of PLASMA Pedals will go into production very soon!
The PLASMA Pedal will not be produced in-house, but rather by a professional and experienced electronics manufacturer.

Latvian electronics manufacturers “Hansa Matrix” are our partners, and we have already worked with them to launch our previous product – the PLUS Pedal.
Because of your unbelievable interest and support, the initial batch of PLASMA Pedals is very substantial – almost 1500 units!
This means we will be able to set up an efficient assembly line and execute all IndieGoGo orders within one month’s time!

Here is our current shipping timeline for our IndieGoGo clients:

Orders #1 – #250:  September 10th – 15th

Orders #251 – #1250: September 25th – 30th

Orders #1251 – #1500: October 1st – 5th

All orders placed through starting from April will be shipped by the end of October!

We sincerely apologize to the earliest 250 backers, who bought the PLASMA Pedal for 129$ with an estimated August delivery date. We did our best to ship your pedals in August, but this was the most rational production plan that ensured quality and let us keep our costs within reason.