Hi, Everyone!

It is our pleasure to confirm that the pre-order round for PLASMA Pedal will be launched very soon via a well-known crowdfunding platform (to be announced)!
We estimate that the first industrial batch of PLASMA Pedals will be ready in August!

Our PLASMA Pedal Pre-Order mailing list is growing rapidly, and we invite you to sign up now in order to receive the most relevant news updates on how and when you can reserve your PLASMA Pedal at the best possible price.

Following up on NAMM: Since we launched PLASMA Pedal we have generated a TON of interest from people all over the world, including well-known musicians, producers, and journalists. We are also currently working on a whole new batch of video materials from the exhibition and various demos and workshops around LA and San Francisco.

For now, you can check out some of our favorite media appearances, such as meeting Dan and Mick, as well as Captain Lee Anderton!

Also – please visit our new Facebook page and press the Like Button! We really need you on board and there’s lots of info, coming very soon!