Hey, Folks!

Thank you for your patience, hope you’ve had a great summer!

Our summer here at GCA has been extremely productive – we’ve spent this time developing the MOTOR Synth’s various aspects. Here are some of the biggest improvements :

1) Hardware:

  • Improvements to the MOTOR Synth’s casing.
  • Improved Optical disks with higher resolution for the Optical waveshapes.
  • Re-engineered the MOTOR drivers and improved power supply system to ensure maximum torque, and stability at even extremely slow speeds. 
  • Redesigned CV input panel –  now moved to the MOTOR Synth’s back panel; 
  • the CVs are now going to be assignable, thus you will be able to customize the MOTOR Synth to your exact needs. 
  • Headphone out jack added

2) Interface & Functionality 

  • Overhauled Sequencer module with expanded playback and recording options
  • KEYTRACK added for the Filter section
  • Expanded modulation section – phase control for each voice, added modulation shapes (with waveshaping control), extra filter modulation modes
  • Improved Filter Drive circuit
  • Additional instrument play modes – Chord mode, Split mode, 8-note poly mode, Vocoder mode 
  • Standalone LATCH button that works in all play modes

The first few Improved MOTOR SYNTH Prototypes will be ready by the end of September, and we will post new materials showcasing all the new features as soon as possible. 

In terms of manufacturing – 

We’ve already started some of the big parts orders, such as Motors, knobs, displays, buttons, and we hope to have the first small batch of MOTOR Synth shipped in December. 

Thank you for you patience, and stay tuned for more news soon!

In the meantime – please take a look at our latest releases – the PLASMA COIL distortion pedal (in collaboration with Jack White and Third Man Records), as well as the PLASMA Rack!

Best Regards, and:

–    Keep on Rockin’ in the Gluten-Free World    –