Hey, Folks! 

As usual, the Autumn months have proven to be a wonderful and productive time of the year! 

In the last 6 weeks we have successfully solved almost all of the Hardware-related issues, and have successfully placed orders for custom made Motors, Keycaps, Knobs, fully redesigned Optical disks and many other crucial elements – we are very pleased with the sourced parts and we’re happy to say that MOTOR Synth is going to be a Beautiful and Sturdy machine. 

As mentioned in the previous update, we did a partial redesign of the MOTOR Synth’s knob and button layout – mostly to ensure expanded functionality and to support more playing modes. 

The updated prototypes are going to be ready very soon, and we will be posting the new photos and videos here and on our socials by the end of October, so keep an eye out for more updates soon!

We are still on track to start shipping the first MOTOR Synths in the end of December, and hopefully by the end of March all MOTOR Synth pre-orders will be shipped. 

Thank you for your patience, and for your support – we are still very hyped about this crazy MOTORIZED musical instrument, and literally can’t wait to hear the music that YOU will create!

Best Regards, and:

–    Keep on Rockin’ in the Gluten-Free World    – 

In the meantime – please take a look at our latest releases – the PLASMA COIL distortion pedal (in collaboration with Jack White and Third Man Records), as well as the PLASMA Rack!