‘Tis that magical time of the year, and what better way to spend it than with your closest family 🙂

This is the Full Gamechanger Audio Family – 7 Electronics Engineers, 3 Mechanical Engineers, 4 Sales & Business People, 3 Marketing people, 2 Production people and 1 Big DOGGO!

We finally got Everyone together for a group photo – a task that was much easier last year, when our team was almost half the size.

We are extremely happy to be working together and our level of excitement for the year 2020 is Off the Charts!
Our promise to you – we will keep putting all of our time, creativity and passion into inventing new musical instruments and effect units for YOU.
We already have many new head-scratching and game-changing ideas, and with your support, we will make them a reality!

We Wish You a Merry Xmas, a Happy New Year! Much love, music, gigs, song ideas, and never-ending inspiration!

Thank you,

GCA Team.


Before you go we want you to meet someone very special –

Our dear friends Professor Adam Smasher, and Baron Van Zipple (A.K.A. The Eternal Frontier) have prepared a masterpiece for you this holiday season…

We give to you …

  …. The PLASMA Pedal Safety Song!

For some Steamy Christmas Goodness, please check out The ETERNAL FRONTIER‘s Xmas Hit Single – Santa’s Making Time

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