Jim Jones

Combining American 50’s rockabilly with English punk attitude¬†Jim Jones is a true definition of what the rock&roll is all about!¬†


Jim Jones is currently playing Gibson ES-335 Cherry and using PLASMA Pedal to get that extra electric filth. High Voltage distortion and JJ’s music is a perfect match. Why? Well, you just listen to it..

jim jones


From Thee Hypnotics and Black Moses through to the Jim Jones Revue and The Righteous Mind, Jim Jones has dedicated his life to making exciting, passionate rock ‘n’ roll music. Playing from the heart and shooting from the hip, Jim remains an elemental, innovative force in rock ‘n’ roll.

Here at Gamechanger Audio we’ve all been life-long fans of all things Rockabilly, Punk and Rock’n’Roll. Needless to say, Jim Jones plays a crucial role in keeping the artform alive in the age of quantized beats and auto-tuned vocals.

Having followed Jim’s career for almost 10 years now, it was our utmost pleasure to finally meet Jim and his gang, and bring some high-voltage PLASMA dirt that they so masterfully put to work for their newest album.

When we first met, the guys were developing their new sound for the CollectiV album. Standing in their rehearsal space and watching them work out their new sound felt like standing next to a perfectly harmonious 5-car pile-up car crash. Sheer seismic energy, unbelievable power!

CollectiV is out NOW and it is the only Rock’n’Roll album that you are gonna need for a long time. We urge you to cancel your plans, turn it up and let all hell turn loose.