Hi, Everyone!

This year’s SUMMER NAMM has been a great success!

Firstly, we’ve managed to get our first test-batch of PLASMA Pedals ready in time for the NAMM show and we got to demonstrate the finished product (not prototypes) to many journalists, artists and store owners.

Mass-production of PLASMA Pedals is on track to begin in about 6 weeks (as soon as all parts arrive) and if everything keeps going smoothly, we will be able to start shipping your pedals fully on schedule.

Secondly, we’ve created a rack version of PLASMA Pedal, which got sooo much attention during the show and also on our Instagram account!
And yes – it does sound fantastic and the 24 cm lightning discharge looks ridiculous.

Here’s a little video of the rack unit just days before the NAMM show, when it was still an unfinished prototype:

More info will follow as soon as we are ready to offer PLASMA rack units for sale (should we?).

And lastly –
We received the prestigious Best In Show award, in the category Companies to Watch!
We feel that it is a great honor to be chosen for this title out of so many amazing gear-builders and manufacturers out there.

Thank you, @NAMMJURY, and we hope to keep surprising you each year with new game-changing products and head-scratching products!

Thank you all for your support, and

Keep on Rockin’ in the Gluten-Free world!